Understanding home prices in Delaware

It’s so easy to find everything about homes for sale on the Internet isn’t it? All of the details that were previously only available to real estate professionals can now be found on Zillow and Trulia and a multitude of other sites. Some even proclaim that they know the value of any home in any town, based on public information pulled from tax records and recent sales transactions.

Comparing Apples to Oranges?Let’s Search for a home

You are looking for a 3+ bedroom, 2+ bath, one-level home with a 2-car garage priced between $300,000 and $350,000 in Coastal Delaware. So you enter that search criteria into your favorite online site, perhaps this one, and you come up with – Search Results

Are you comparing Apples to Oranges

in this group of more than 200 homes? Some are existing homes but others are “to-be-built homes” listed at the base model price. If your budget is $350,000 and the base model price is $349,999 what happens when you select your options and upgrades?

You need a Guide

So you modify your search criteria to look only for new construction and that reduces the number of homes to 40 homes but even now there’s a mix of homes that are either “inventory homes” or “spec homes” fully configured and priced with everything included as well as “to-be-built” homes that reflect the base price only – New Results

Now you’re seeing at least all of the new construction homes available in Sussex County, Delaware, or are you? The truth is that much of the new construction is not even listed. Some models are listed in certain communities but most are not. Comparing homes based on your online search will only get you so far. What about quality and reputation? Time to call your Guide – a local real estate professional who specializes in working with Buyers looking to relocate to Delaware.

On Duty 24/7

As a Realtor, I am always on duty even when I am not with a client. When I see a new community, I stop in. Pass a new home for sale in a great location? I call for more information or check it out online when I get back to the office. It kind of amazes me how much I have learned about the area over the past 8 years. Yesterday, I detoured on my way home from the grocery store to check out some new homes being built by a local builder. I’m thinking this might work for clients coming in next week who want to be in a water-access community.

What are you looking for?




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