Choosing a good builder

Chef mixing in a bowlWhat makes a chef?

It takes more than a list of ingredients to make me a chef! When asked if I can cook, I often say “I can follow a recipe”. I can do the simple things pretty well. I don’t undercook or overcook and I know what I like. When I watch a chef put together a meal, however, I realize there’s a big difference.


What about a good builder?

I used that analogy recently with a client of mine who asked me how to tell the difference between the builders because they all say “we are green” and “we are the best”. A list of ingredients, I replied, does not mean that the builder is committed to building you a quality home. It takes more than advertising and a good sales pitch. It takes a commitment to quality, a reputation built over time and the respect of other professionals. The builders I recommend are the ones that consistently deliver on their promise, build a good home and have a company culture that prioritizes customer service. Something can always go wrong with any builder, but the difference is how they handle the problems and do the right thing.

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