Real Estate Realities

There are certain truths in every business, things you just know to be true. After 10 years in Real Estate, I have learned that some things never change. These truths are undeniable:

  1. Your first offer is usually your best buyer
  2. On a resale, no one wants the middle unit
  3. No one searches the Internet for a 2 bedroom home
  4. Pricing your home at $299,999 misses all the people searching for homes $300,000 – $350,000
  5. Empty homes look smaller
  6. It takes both sides – buyer and seller – to make a good deal
  7. If it seems to be good to be true, it probably is
  8. All Real Estate is Local – What happens in Lewes is different than what happens in Las Vegas
  9. Staging works – Typically a staged home sells in 50% less time for 5% more
  10. Homes listed with a REALTOR sell for more money than a For Sale By Owner!

Can I prove all of these? Maybe not, but I can share 10 years worth of stories that illustrate these Realities.