Our job as your Coastal Delaware Listing Agent

The role of the Listing Agent and that of the Buyer Agent are very different. The work of a Listing Agent is to be your Sales and Marketing Manager. The goal is to sell your home for the highest price possible in the shortest period of time. Marketing is the key to success because it creates demand and reaches way beyond our own individual contacts and prospective buyers. How you ask?

Staging Consultation. If we can work with the furniture and décor you already have, the actual staging is part of our listing service at no additional charge. If we list a vacant home, Virtual Staging turns our photos into beautifully staged rooms. Read more Staging Tips.

Great Photos. We take lots of photos, both inside and out. If we happen to take a listing on a cloudy day or during the winter season, we replace the photos when we can get a better shot to showcase your home.

Virtual Tours. We hire a professional to take a Virtual Tour. Some people love them and will only look at homes on the Internet that offer a Virtual Tour.

Broker’s Open House and Public Open Houses. Do they work? You never know until they do and I have personally sold several homes because of an Open House including one of my own.

Email Newsletters. We began sending monthly email newsletters over 6 years ago and we have a growing list of people that subscribe to one or more of our email newsletters. Visitors to our website can register right from our home page at www.ActiveAdultsDelaware.com.

Internet. When your home is listed in the Multiple Listing Service with all the photos, the virtual tour, the descriptions – the finished product is syndicated on sites all over the Internet. It is displayed on other broker’s web sites. It will show up on Realtor.com, Zillow and Trulia and sites with names you have never heard.

Broker Web Site. On our own web site Active Adults Delaware and our blog sites like the Active Adults Blog provide relevant content that attracts the attention of the new Buyers considering a move to Southern Delaware.

Social Media. Our Facebook page is gaining new “Likes” every day and gives our buyers a chance to engage with us on a less formal basis. It’s a great soft sell that helps us promote our listings. Twitter and LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media tools keep our listings in the public eye.

Whichever agent ends up as the Selling Agent for your home, it all begins with the Marketing. Listing your home for sale does not begin or end with placing a For Sale sign in your window. More than likely the buyer found your home on the Internet and marked it as a Favorite before they even met with their agent.

Remember at the beginning, I said the Listing Agent is the SALES and Marketing Manager. The Selling begins when someone likes what they see and picks up the phone or sends in an email inquiry. That someone could be a potential Buyer or it could be another REALTOR. Either one gets our full attention and, as your representative, it becomes our job to SELL, SELL, SELL your home.