DE Healthcare Services Important to 55+ Buyers

Where is the nearest hospital?

Is it a good hospital?

Will I be able to find doctors?

what are the available DE Healthcare Services

Relocating at any age is stressful but doing so when you retire can be a particular challenge. Many of our clients have lived in their home for 25 to 35 years or more. One couple recently told me they have lived in their home for 45 years and they bought it from family. Moving away from the neighborhood they know so well to their new neighborhood in Lewes, Delaware, will be a huge change. As you can imagine, access to quality healthcare is very important to them.

Why move now?

Many retired seniors in states like New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Connecticut and others in the Mid Atlantic and Northeast will make a decision to move for any number of reasons:

  • Their children are grown and have moved away from home.
  • They want to move closer to at least one child or grandchildren.
  • Their current home requires a lot of maintenance and they just can’t manage it any longer.
  • They want to preserve their estate and lower their property taxes.

Healthcare is expanding in Southern Delaware

But what about healthcare services? When asked, I tell them that while most of my clients are retiring Baby Boomers, anyone in healthcare is probably the second largest group. Let’s look at the expansion going on with all of the major medical facilities in Sussex and Kent Counties:

Beebe Healthcare Services

Beebe Healthcare has served the medical needs of an ever-increasing visitor and year-round population since 1916. More than 200 physicians in 40 different specialties are on staff at Beebe. Beebe Healthcare Services

Bayhealth Medical Services

Bayhealth Medical Center offers healthcare services for all the stages of life. Whether you are a patient or visitor, Bayhealth strives to provide you with the excellent service you deserve and committed staff of employees, physicians and volunteers improving the health status of all members of the Bayhealth community. Bayhealth Hospital, Sussex Campus

Nanticoke Health Services

Nanticoke Health Services is an independent, community hospital serving Western Sussex County in Delaware. Nanticoke Health Services