Holiday Home Safety Tips

This holiday season serves as a time filled with candles, lights, Christmas trees, and lots of cooking.

Our friend, Cheryl Myers at Amerispec Inspection Services offered these holiday home safety tips to keep your home happy through the holiday season.

By following a few tips and inspecting items around your home, you and yours can help create a safe and fun atmosphere by decking your home with lots of Safety!

Xmas TreeInspect your candles

• Candles should be placed where they will not be easily blown over or knocked down
• Try to use battery powered candles instead

Inspect your lights

• When you exit the room or go to sleep, remember to turn off all lights
• Inspect your strig of lights and if you notice any imperfections, discard them

Inspect your cooking

• Make sure someone is present at all times while food is cooking
• Keep items that burn easily away from the stove (paper,plastic,dishwasher towels, and more).

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Have  Safe and Happy Holiday! from your friends at Active Adults Realty!