Rightsizing is not Wrongsizing

The word downsizing is often associated with loss and/or lack. In modern times, loss often refers to jobs and “downsizing” is bad news. Whether you’re a Boomer ready to retire or an empty-nester toying with your new options, take the time to define and pursue the life you want to have now, with all the bells and whistles and none of the baggage.

Downsizing, not! Let’s call it Rightsizing and Rightsizing is not Wrongsizing!couple moving

Rightsizing or a promotion in lifestyle that can be an empowering and exciting step to your retirement and relocation. It’s a time to get rid of the burdensome baggage you no longer want. Your old life may have been filled with responsibilities and expectations; but you also collected many things you no longer need. The top ten tips for rightsizing follow. For more details print the PDF here.

Top 10 Rightsizing Tips

  1. Start with the Easy Stuff – eliminate anything that is broken, damaged and no longer wanted.
  2. Ask yourself, “If this disappeared tomorrow, would I run out and replace it?” If no, it’s not worth keeping.
  3. Don’t Be a Storage unit for others. If you’re storing things for friends and family. Be strong and set a deadline, after which you’ll donate the items.
  4. Ask for help. A professional organizer may be able to help.
  5. Decide what’s really important. If you were moving and had to ship your things at the high cost, what would you take? Make a list, these are the things that matter to you the most.
  6. Is this something from a lifestyle I no longer have or want? If you’re only cooking for one or two, you might not need two sets of silverware.
  7. Schedule a regular time each week (or more if needed), to work on rightsizing. Remember you didn’t accumulate it overnight and you won’t sort it out overnight either.
  8. Value what you keep. Save the few meaningful items worth having in your personal space.
  9. Prevent new collections from forming. Suggest gifts of time, experiences and indulgences instead of material things.
  10. Use age to your advantage. “Gift” items you “eventually” want family members and friends to have, now.

For more details print the PDF here.

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