Why new homes win almost every time

BandA-3Decorated by experts with every upgrade and option available, the new home makes prospective boomer buyers smile.

They open that door and fall in love with possibilities. It’s no wonder why new homes win almost every time!

Even the sophisticated buyer who has bought and sold multiple homes, renovated several and knows how to look beyond décor is not immune to the inherent marketing and appeal of a beautifully furnished model home. It won’t look like that when they move in, but that is what sold them.BandA-5

The landscaping, the paver patio with huge planters and designer outdoor furnishings.

The WOW factor even masks the fact that most of the lots you can buy are not “premium” and don’t have a pond view or back to trees like the model home.

No different than going to a fashion show where a tall, thin gorgeous model looks smashing in that dress you just have to have. Will it look that good on you? It will probably look wonderful on you but it will never look as good as it did with the whole package that model represents.

There is also the energy and excitement of “NEW” when a buyer can see all of the new construction going on.

It says “this is a happening place”. It can backfire on a builder/developer when there is only one or two homes under construction however.

No different than a restaurant. Popular restaurants where there is always a 2 hour wait remain popular and people wait because they know it must be really good. The restaurant down the street with only a few tables full sends a different message. So we wait in line for the popular restaurant rather than be seated immediately at the one that looks empty.

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