What Would You Do with an Extra $10K?

vegas-croppedHey New Jersey, (and residents of other states with high Property Taxes), what would you do with an extra $10,000? Tell us.

Moving to Delaware has its advantages and one of the most popular centers on retirees looking to escape the high taxes of their current residence.

Did you know that Delaware now has the nation’s 4th-lowest real estate property tax rate? Yes, our real estate taxes ranked 4th lowest with property taxes seriously lower than in neighboring states, like New Jersey with the highest real estate property taxes in the nation! Aiding Delaware is the lack of vehicle property taxes seen in other states, says WalletHub.

“New Jersey homeowners pay the highest property taxes in the United States, nearly 47 percent higher than the national average, according to a new ranking,” says an article on phillyvoice.com. “The Garden State has average real-estate taxes of $4,029, four times higher than Delaware ($929), the fourth-lowest in the 50 states and the District of Columbia, based on annual taxes on a $176,000 home, the median home value in the United States. Read the entire article here.

More baby boomers are discovering Delaware where we not only have lower property taxes and no sales tax but you’ll get a really great place to live, too.

But back to the taxes – from another post, I wrote: Taxes alone are not enough of a reason to up and move to another state. There are other options. You could just move to a smaller home or condo in the next town or the next county near your current home. Even in NY, NJ and CT, there are towns with lower taxes than others.

What many of our clients want however is a comparable home or neighborhood, maybe a little bit smaller, with more first-floor living space. In our experience, they want to “downsize” their taxes and cost of living but not necessarily the size of their home.

What the property taxes are in Delaware? Are you looking for the lowest taxes possible? Click here to learn more.

It’s Got To Be More Than Lower Taxes!

How do you calculate what you might be able to afford as you prepare for retirement and living here in Delaware? Click here for the information we will need to help you compare your expenses now to what they might be if you moved here.

Are you considering moving to Delaware?

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