8 Decorating Mistakes

Stop-cease and desist. Don’t make these 8 Decorating Mistakes!

colorful living roomOk, you’re in your new Delaware home. You start to decorate. It’s so easy to get carried away. Take a look at these 8 decorating mistakes from Purewow.com. The post says, “Hey, we can appreciate all home aesthetics, there are certain no-nos we just cannot abide. Here, eight that drive us totally bonkers. Consider this your official decorating cease and desist.”

  1. You’re hanging your art too high.
    The center of any painting should be at eye-level. (That’s about 58 inches off the ground.)
  2. You’re pushing all your furniture against the walls.
    Move furniture into groupings for a cozy, lived-in feel.
  3. You’re afraid of color.
    Don’t be.
  4. You’ve got too many pillows on your couch or bed.
    If your guests have to remove cushions just to put their butts on the love seat, you know you’ve gone overboard.
  5. You’re too trend-driven.
  6. You’re too matchy-matchy.
    Start mixing and matching patterns, materials, eras and the like.
  7. You’ve made the TV the focal point of the room.
    Instead of mounting it front and center in the middle of your living room, consider placing it off to the side, concealing it behind a cabinet or mixing it into a gallery wall.
  8. You forgot about lighting.
    Mix standing and table lamps into your design, and consider putting your ceiling fixtures on dimmers.

Read the entire article on PureWow.com here.

How many decorating mistakes have you made? Let us know.