A Home Search Made Easy

A home search is made easy by watching this Video Tutorial: Using our Website – Part 2: The Search

In the video (click on the image below to watch), we will focus on the Search Capabilities of our website at www.activeadultsrealty.com. While we all have different sets of priorities and different ways of searching online, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the various ways you can search our website for homes for sale in Delaware.

How do you like to search?

Our website is designed to provide Easy Search Navigation-no matter how you like to do it. Watch the tutorial above and get ready to

Just a reminder, if you see a home listed for sale on our website, it came directly from the MLS, and it is for sale. The one CAUTION I want to mention, however, is to watch out for new model homes that may be listed but not yet built. If it looks like an artist rendering or the interior photos look like a model home, those are clues to look more carefully.

How can you tell if it is an existing home or one that is not yet built?

tobebuilt screenshot revOn our website, here is one way to tell – When you click on PRIMARY FEATURES it will display some additional details like whether or not it is New Construction and when it was built.

Note, if it says “To Be Built” and the photos being displayed are a combination of a model home and artist renderings, it does not yet exist and it is priced at the Base Model Price of that model home.

Try clicking on the other choices on the left. You will find information on Taxes in the Financial Details page, or the neighborhood when you look at Location Information. Go ahead, just click around the page and see all the useful information you can find there.

We could go on but we thought it would be more helpful to just show you how to use our website in a quick video.  Got questions? We have answers and some questions you may not know to ask.