Should I retire in Delaware or North Carolina?

Deciding whether to relocate and where to retire is one of the biggest decisions you might ever have to make.

Delaware or North CarolinaIn our recent survey, we asked what additional information would be helpful to our prospective buyers. Many of you are planning to relocate but have not yet decided where you want to move. One respondent commented –

“I have narrowed my destinations to Western North Carolina or Delaware … what factors should I consider in making my decision?”

LOL! Delaware is very flat but has the Delaware Beaches and Western North Carolina is in the mountains! Both are very nice but totally different. Not all choices will be so easy.

But if this person wasn’t just pulling my leg, what I think the decision will come down to is what else does he or she want to be near or have easy access to. If you will still have family back here in the Mid Atlantic Region or the Northeast, the drive for you or for them will be much easier if you retire in Delaware. A 10 hour drive or more might be fine for you today, but what about 5 or 10 years from now? If you want to see your grandkids on a regular basis, the shorter the drive the better.

“ Show us more about activities within Delaware so we can appreciate the benefits.”

and another asked for more

“Information about towns and communities, local activities and places of interest.”

We do try to focus on what it’s like to live in Delaware and I promise to do even more of that. Thanks for the great suggestions everyone.

For now, we do have several places on our web site that you may enjoy.

Calendar of Events – we have gathered links to some great guides and other web sites that present options all over Delaware for shopping, dining, entertainment and attractions.

We also highlight some of our team’s favorites. From Jazz Festivals to Film Festivals, Exhibitions and Art Shows, there is something for everyone to enjoy Upstate, Downstate and in Dover, our State Capitol.

Learn more about Delaware on our Delaware Facts page, where I just learned that Delaware’s State Flower is the Peach Blossom! I never knew that and I have been here over 17 years. Would have thought the Peach Blossom was Georgia’s State flower but it is the Cherokee Rose!

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Please keep those questions and suggestions coming. When I first came to Delaware, all I knew was I preferred the Delaware beaches and the more relaxed lifestyle compared to the intensity and the density of the DC Metropolitan area where I had been living. Now I can’t imagine living anywhere else.