Don’t be the Negative Nellie in your Neighborhood

In your neighborhood, don't be the Negative NellieThere is at least one Negative Nellie in every neighborhood. I bet you know one right where you live! So, when you are exploring new places to live and doing the “drive-around”, beware the person that comes up to you to fill your ears with all the terrible things about the builder, the community and … well, you get my point.

There will always be problems with a new home

Regardless of price point, builder or location, there will always be some problems. The real question is “What happens when there are problems”? How responsive is the builder? How responsive are their partners and subcontractors? Do they stand behind their work and value their reputation?

There are always two sides to every tale

I am not defending any particular builder, but I have learned that in every situation there are two sides to the story. Sometimes people make decisions to purchase a home without really thinking things through. Then, if they end up unhappy, they want to blame it on someone else. It’s human nature. Just read the paper and you see many examples every day.

If you are the Negative Nellie in your Neighborhood, how is it serving you? How is it affecting your property value? Your neighbors? What impact will your negative chatter have when it is time for you to sell your home?

There are ways to get involved to help solve problems. You can become active in your community and help find solutions. If your experience has so affected your ability to enjoy your home and your life, you should really find a way to move on, get past it, and let your neighbors just enjoy where they live.

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