Does motive matter when relocating at retirement

Does Your Motive to Move Matter When Relocating at Retirement?

When relocating at retirement what is your motive?

In this week’s Ask the Broker video, we talk about motives to move.

So today’s question is, does motive matter when you’re relocating at retirement? Well, motive is everything, especially now. And the questions that probably go through your mind are, will I be happy? Will I be able to make new friends? Will I be close enough to still get see my family? So those are three of the top questions that I know goes through your minds when you think about your motive to move.

The other day we had a call from some folks that have lived here in Delaware now for nine years. They had originally moved here from New Jersey. I gather they were lucky enough to retire relatively young. So, when they moved here they didn’t have any grandchildren and now they do. So that was their reason for wanting to go back to New Jersey, was to be closer to the grandchildren. And that’s despite all the headlines, despite knowing that their taxes are going to be much worse. Their overall cost of living is going to be higher. But, it’s as I always say, lower taxes alone that’s not enough of a reason to relocate at retirement. So even more reason to let one of our Active Adults Realty agents work with you before you make decisions so that you can examine your motives, and know that when you do make a decision to relocate you’re going to be happy with it.

So what are some good motives for relocating? Well, certainly having less money spent on taxes and more money available to spend on having fun. More disposable income. More money to spend going out to eat. More money to travel. More money to take vacations. More money to go fishing. More time to relax at the beach. I mean, these are all good motives. And certainly having some financial security is helpful at that time.

You’ve spent so much of your life doing things for other people. It’s time to do it for you. But maybe you just need to look at it a different way. Instead of living down the street from the children and the grandchildren, maybe you get to take them on vacation. Maybe you can do what a friend of mine did and take them all to Disney World. Or perhaps you buy a somewhat larger home here at the beach in Delaware and it’s your retirement home, but it’s the family’s vacation place at the beach. Don’t you think you might see a lot of them in that particular case?

What was my motive for moving here? Well, it was multiple. It was, number one, get away from the traffic, the noise, the congestion, and frankly the high cost of living in the DC metropolitan area. I also had to reinvent myself, so why not, I thought, find a new career here at the beach in Delaware, somewhere that I would like to live the rest of my life even when I, if I ever do, retire.

So what’s your motive? We hope to help you look for your motive and one that will make you happy. As my husband, Bill, says, “We not only know the answers to most of your questions but we probably know some of the questions you haven’t even thought of yet.” So, let me help you with your questions. Email me Or go to our website and request our Delaware relocation guide. That would be a great way to start thinking about your motives and your plans for relocating at retirement.