Delaware Farmer’s Markets: Eating Farm-to-Table Freshness

Delaware agriculture produces thriving farmer’s markets up and down the state bringing organic fruits and vegetables to those shopping locally.

it's easy to shop farm fresh in the Delaware Farmer's markets“Farm-to-table” is defined as the food on the table comes directly from a specific farm, without going through a store, market, or distributor. By shopping one of the numerous Delaware farmer’s market up and down the state, you are able to bring farm fresh fruits and vegetables to your family’s table. It doesn’t get any healthier than that. At any one of the farmer’s markets, you will find an assortment of fresh, organic produce at more affordable prices than in a supermarket. The best part is being able to talk with local farmers to ask questions, sample various varieties, and choose your favorite produce or fruit to purchase. If you’re in need of a recipe or have questions about how to prepare your purchases the helpful people at the market will have plenty of suggestions to help you serve a delicious meal with your purchases. If you struggle to select the tastiest cantaloupe or watermelon, just ask. You’re sure to get some tips.

Eating Seasonally

As you return to the farmer’s market week after week you will be shopping seasonally and notice new items being added as they ripen and are ready for harvest. Some items are picked just hours before being displayed for purchase. That’s the kind of fresh supermarkets can’t offer and this comes through in the taste.

Much Safer Foods

Because many farmers selling at the local markets practice organic farming a high percentage of what’s sold are pesticide- and herbicide-free making these healthy choices for the whole family. If you recall the recent outbreaks of E.coli in bagged lettuce and spinach coming from large industrial plants, these types of outbreaks can be quite concerning. When you shop local you are often supporting a smaller farmer who is using different practices far removed from the mass production of the large industrial plants which makes your food safer from the start.

Delaware Farmer’s Markets You Need to Visit

While each farmer’s market will have a variety of fruits and vegetables you will be happy to find many additional offerings such as: local honey, fresh flowers, homemade soap, baked goods, local dairy-made ice cream, mushrooms, and even local microbrewery beers. Here’s a sampling of the numerous markets around the region:

New Castle County

  • Co-Op Farmer’s Market located at 230 E. Main Street, Newark DE
  • Westside Farmer’s Market at Cool Spring Park located at 10th and Jackson Streets, Wilmington, DE
  • Glasgow Park Farmer’s Market located at 2275 Pulaski Highway, Newark, DE
  • Bellefonte Farmer’s Market located at 510 Duncan Road, Wilmington, DE

Kent County

  • Capital City Farmer’s Market located at 126 W. Loockerman Street (in the Loockerman Way Plaza), Dover, DE
  • Asbury Church Farmer’s Market located at Asbury Open Lot W (next to Glenwood Cemetery), Smyrna, DE

Sussex County

  • Rehoboth Beach Farmer’s Market located at Grove Park, Rehoboth Beach, DE
  • Milton Farmer’s Market located at 6 Village Center Blvd., Milton, DE
  • Historic Lewes Farmer’s Market located at Dupont and Johnson Avenues, Lewes, DE
  • Riverwalk Farmer’s Market located at S. Walnut Street, Milford, DE
  • Garden Shack Farmer’s Market located at 19884 Beaver Dam Road, Lewes, DE

Farmer’s markets are tasty and appealing places we encourage you to visit regularly. If you are preparing to buy or sell a home with active adult living in mind, why not include checking out farmer’s markets in your community to the list of things to explore in a new neighborhood. We’re happy to have a no-strings-attached discussion with you and help you best prepare to make the right offer on a home when the time arrives. Schedule an appointment today.

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