Relocating to Delaware is a Cinch with the Active Adults Realty® Relocation Guide

Understanding what people moving to Delaware are interested in is what Active Adult Realty® excels in doing.

Check out our Delaware Relocation GuideOne of the things which sets Active Adults Realty® apart from other REALTOR® groups is the abundance of information our team makes available to those relocating to Delaware. From the expansive selection of brochures in our office highlighting both recreational and cultural attractions up and down the state to the numerous blog posts and resources available on our website, our team puts information at your fingertips. We understand moving to a different state comes with some stress and a need for answers. For this reason, Active Adults Realty® has created an up-to-date Relocation Guide discussing each Delaware region to aid you in determining which area will best suit your needs and interests.

We Understand Because We Relocated, Too

When my husband Bill and I moved down here, I didn’t know much about the area. We recognized that even though many people move here for low taxes and all the great things they’ve heard about Delaware, they are also dealing with major decisions about where they want to live for the rest of their lives. So, one of the first questions we ask potential clients is “Tell me about yourself. What’s important to you?”

From there, the Active Adults team focuses on what they’ve learned through their own homework. Our agents know which communities will appeal to a couple who’s accustomed to swimming two miles every morning, for example, or which are best for hosting hordes of visiting grandchildren. And although the website offers a rich array of information on hundreds of communities and enables clients to search for homes across the region, Active Adults’ services are highly tailored to each client. We won’t put you in the car and show you communities that won’t meet your budget or tastes. And if you find a home in a community you like, we will act as your buyer agent and put your interests first.

Not all of our clients are retirees—many are still working which is why you will find many Delaware-specific frequently-asked-questions documents (FAQs) on our website addressing topics that are especially relevant to those over 50, such as health insurance and tax regulations on income, automobiles and social security.

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What’s in the Delaware Relocation Guide?

This 8-page guide is packed with information about lifestyle topics ranging from continuing education to farmers markets to the many historic towns throughout the state. You’ll find it broken into sections for each of the three Delaware counties so you can focus on a specific area. The guide is filled with oodles of links to lead you to more information for those things which interest you the most. And it has many full-color photos, too.

As you look towards relocating to Delaware remember this: it’s not the community that makes you active; it’s the people who make the community active. This is a great time in your life, and we want to help you make the most of it. We’re happy to have a no-strings-attached discussion with you and help you best prepare. Schedule an appointment today.

Again, be sure to get your copy of our new Delaware Relocation Guide Here!