7 Tips to Buying in the Right Delaware Neighborhood for You

Learn how to choose your right neighborhood using our checklist as you make house buying decisions.

Finding the right Delaware neighborhood for you.

Buying a home in the right neighborhood is easy if you are staying in the same town or at least in the same general area. But what if you have decided to relocate, especially now that you are also planning to retire? This is not so easy. There are many decisions you will face as you evaluate your options.

Finding Your Right Neighborhood Checklist

  1. Do you prefer a 55+ community or an active adult community that is not age restricted? You can find similar amenities and included services in both but no children under the age of 19 can live in a 55+ community.
  2. What is that #1 “must have” for you; for your spouse? For example, “It must have an indoor pool because I swim every day.” Or, “I never want to cut my grass again.” For these it doesn’t matter if the neighborhood is age restricted or not but they do want lawn maintenance to be included.
  3. What is an absolute turnoff? For some this would be a neighborhood with an HOA, while for others it’s the opposite.
  4. Which amenities do you want to have within the neighborhood? Start with the things you do now that you will want to continue to do when you relocate. If you don’t do it now, you will not do it just because it’s available.
  5. How social a person are you? An HOA with a large clubhouse and lots of activities will come with a higher monthly HOA fee. If you are not going to use the clubhouse, why would you want to pay more?
  6. What do you want your neighborhood to be close to? Are you a beach person? Do you prefer a location near a city or town, perhaps one which is close to public transportation? Delaware truly has something for everyone. There are distinct differences between Northern, Central, and Southern Delaware communities.
  7. Do you want to be among the first in a brand-new community or would you prefer an established neighborhood? In a new community, there will be construction for several years.

At Active Adults Realty, we know all the questions you should be asking…and most of the answers. Allow our Active Adults Realty Agents to guide you towards making the right choice of location in Delaware.

If you are ready to explore Delaware as your retirement destination, be sure to request our free Relocation Guide. It is filled with information on each of the Delaware counties and many resources to help you learn more about our area.