2020 Forecast Shows Residential Home Prices Increase

With the continued increase of home prices, Delaware Sellers make their move to list homes now. 

exploring changes in residential home prices

Questions continue to rise around where home prices will head in 2020. The latest forecast from CoreLogic shows continued appreciation at 5.4% over the next year:

forecasted year over year change in residential home prices

Additionally, ARCH Mortgage Insurance Company in their current Housing and Mortgage Market Review revealed their latest ARCH Risk Index, which estimates the probability of home prices being lower in two years. Based on the most recent results, 32 of the 50 U.S. states (plus D.C.) had a minimal probability of lowering by 2021.

probability of residential home prices being lower in 2 years

The Delaware property values have been slowly increasing which is fantastic following the housing market boom and bust. If you’ve been thinking of selling your home but weren’t sure whether to do it now or wait, we say “Now.” The serious buyers are out looking and the time is ripe to showcase your home. If the projections are accurate that home prices may be lower in two years, Sellers, this is your time. 

Experts forecast home price appreciation to continue at a moderate rate as we move through 2020 and beyond. With appreciation growing, let’s get together and plan for your next move.

Source: Keeping Current Matters, http://bit.ly/2Ff34U7

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