We Are Here For You

A message for our clients and friends during this current Covid-19 situation.

search for homes during this Covid-19 situation

While you’re staying home paying attention to the news and trying not to worry too much, we wanted you to know that we’re doing the same. I always feel better in stressful times when I make a plan, so let’s do that together.

We know that many of you are online, looking at the different communities, watching video tours of homes you like and wondering what to do now. All of today’s technology does make it much easier to do some initial research online but we are all here to help virtually as well. How?

You can reach out to us with your questions. All of our agents have their email address and cell phone number on their Profiles here – https://www.activeadultsdelaware.com/staff.php

Or you can just send your questions to me at broker@activeadultsrealty.com and I will find someone with the answers.

Some of you have told us that you’re going to postpone your visit until April or May. Why not schedule your visit now so that your Active Adults Realty agent can get you on their calendar and help you with research in the meantime.  They can help you set up your search criteria or refine your search.

You know that when this is over, and it will be over at some point, everyone will decide to jump in their cars and get back to their house hunting and relocation plans. That will just be another panic and that is not the right way to make such a big decision. So, as my yoga instructor always says, take a deep breath, and give us a call. Let’s put a plan together.

Have you found the home of your dreams online and you’re worried you might miss it? Your agent can do a live virtual tour of that home and walk you through it. We have Facetime, Skype, Facebook Live and Zoom. We can even just record the tour and send it to you; then we can review it by phone. No one is holding an Open House the old fashioned way, so Virtual Open Houses are the way to go.

In closing, be safe, follow local and national advice and let us know how the team at Active Adults Realty can help you.