What can I buy in Southern Delaware for $350K or less in 2020?

Even a modest budget can purchase a Delaware property you’d be proud to make your home.

Searching for homes in Southern Delaware under $350k?

There are homes available for sale for $350,000 or less throughout Sussex County, Delaware. You have to be careful, however, since many homes listed in that price range are new construction homes.

TO-BE-BUILT New Construction Homes

To-be-built homes are new construction homes listed in the MLS at the Base Model Price. Here’s how you can tell:

  • The photo looks like an artist’s rendering.
  • When the description talks about the “new community” in the first sentence.
  • When it refers to the “house” plan starting at X square feet….
  • When you see the language “Unlicensed onsite salespeople represent the Seller only.”
  • When you see an address like “0003 Harvest Cir,” which means that no street address has yet been assigned.

Searching for Homes in More Locations

On further examination, you can find single-family homes in:

  • Selbyville
  • Dagsboro
  • Milford
  • Milton
  • Seaford
  • Millsboro
  • Plus parts of the Lewes zip code

To begin, set up a search using our website’s general search criteria, https://www.activeadultsdelaware.com/find.

Next, save your search and begin to modify it.

Can you find a home for less than $350,000 in an Active Adult Community with all the amenities? There are some. These homes probably do not come with a basement or a loft and may have less than 2500 square feet.

The closer you want to be to the beach resorts, the higher the price of the home, especially for a newer home. Would you rather have a large home or a great location? That’s one of the first decisions you need to make regardless of where you are planning to move.

Whichever home you choose, we hope you will also choose to work with Active Adults Realty. Our team is knowledgeable about the area and the home offerings. We’re here to serve you. Schedule an appointment today.