Scam Emails, Texts, and Phone Calls

Learn what to look for to protect yourself from scam emails and calls

Protect yourself from online scams and various cybercrimes.

Even before the COVID pandemic, many conducted business online. Now, those numbers have soared even higher. For this reason, it’s essential to protect yourself and get knowledgeable about how not to be vulnerable to cybercrime.

Do you answer your phone? Do you ever click on a link in an email or a text?

Years of technical innovation from Smartphones to the Internet gave individuals and small businesses the ability to communicate easily and cost-effectively. But lately, scammers have interfered to the point where we are afraid even to answer.

Please Leave a Voicemail

As a REALTOR®, being quick to respond to a call from a potential client is critical. If I don’t answer, will they call another REALTOR®? It’s almost a game of chicken each time. Do I answer, or do I see if they leave a voicemail? Invariably when I decide to answer, you guessed it, it’s one of those scams.

When someone from Active Adults Realty calls you, we will leave a voicemail if you don’t answer. I will make sure you know who I am, why I’m calling, and how you can get back to me.

Active Adults Realty Emails and Newsletters

If you visit our website,, and request information or register to download one of our guides or checklists, we will follow up with you by email, text, or phone. We offer these free to you:

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Guide to Protect Seniors from Online Scams

Some scams are just annoying, but more and more, they are becoming dangerous and expensive. Recently, I came across this excellent “Guide to Protect Seniors from Online Scams.” I recommend you read it and share it with your friends and family.

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