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Boomers living longer in Coastal Delaware

Baby Boomers are one hot media topic these days. In one publication you read that we Boomers are different than our parents’ generation – and then another story concludes we may approach things differently but, in the end, we are about the same. But some facts are indisputable. We are all living longer and our […]

Are Boomers prepared for the next move?

As you plan for retirement or semi-retirement, what’s your next move? Will it be within the same town or will you move to another state or country? Will your home be in town or in a community? Will you live in a house or in a condo? There are so many choices! Some of the […]

Should I stay or should I go?

“Should I stay in this big house that I have lived in forever, with so many memories of good times with family and friends?”  Sometimes I can almost hear the arguments going on in my clients’ heads, weighing the plusses and minuses of making a move as they plan for retirement. “Should I stay where […]