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Winter Olympic Highlights for Boomers

A  February 2014 article in the AARP Bulletin and on the AARP website www.aarp.org written by Bill Hogan, reminds me that I am such a Boomer.  A Boomer’s History of the Winter Olympics “February brings the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, with 98 events in 15 sports. It’s the first time that Russia has […]

What do you want in 55+ Housing?

Sometimes I read reports from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and wonder  if they really know what it is we want in our home. They only know if we tell them and one way they know is from Census Data. Here is an excerpt: “At a briefing during the group’s annual conference, NAHB […]

More Reasons 55+ need a Buyer Agent

Where do our buyers come from? In Coastal Delaware, so many of the new Buyers now come from outside Delaware and have limited local knowledge about our communities, builders or lifestyle. On top of that, quite a few Baby Boomers have been in their current home for 20 years or more, so it’s been a […]

What did Buyers buy in Delaware, 2011?

What did our Buyers buy so far this year? Most of our clients are Baby Boomers over 55 that are relocating to Delaware as they near retirement. We did this same analysis last year and the statistics are similar but 6% more have chosen an age restricted community this year. We also worked with 3 […]

Baby Boomers redefining age!

“Many baby boomers who once vowed they would never trust anyone older than 30 are now in their mid-60s — and don’t consider themselves old.” begins the article written by Adam Taylor in the Wilmington News Journal As one of those Baby Boomers who is now in her 60s, I do not consider myself old! […]

Delaware Beach Families

Because of Twitter, I have gotten to know a remarkable woman that I never would have met in real life – Mel Tuttle. Mel is a 5th Grade Teacher in the Milford School District who was just named “Teacher of the Year!”. She has two children and is one of the most energetic, active adults […]

Are you an Active Adult?

How do you define active adult? Are you an avid golfer, a tennis fanatic, a runner or yogi? Do you get up every morning and take a brisk walk with or without your best friend? Are you more active if you live in an active adult community or not? Terminology doesn’t define us but it […]

Feeling Baby Boomers Pain

In the Delaware beach resort town of Lewes, Kathy Sperl-Bell, CRS, of RE/MAX Associates, says activity among baby boomers started picking up again earlier this year after a three-year slowdown. In much of the country, Realtors are feeling the pain of boomers’ inability or unwillingness to invest in another home while the economy remains stuck […]

Yes some Boomers are becoming Seniors

Early in my Real Estate career, I decided to specialize and work with Baby Boomers planning for and getting ready for retirement. My reason? Well, I thought I would enjoy spending time helping people my own age make a choice they would be very happy with. During my previous lives, and yes I had several, […]