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We get hundreds of inquiries every month

Remember that phrase Letterman used – Letters, we get letters, we get lots and lots of letters … letteeeeers! Well, in this Internet age, we get hundreds of inquiries and emails every day, lots of them. In real estate terms they are called “Leads”. Actually, in any business, inquiries are called leads and the idea […]

Choose your own settlement attorney in Delaware

In Delaware, the Buyer chooses the settlement attorney and the attorney represents the Buyer, not the Seller. If the Seller wishes to retain their own counsel, they may do so, but you should not give up your right to representation by your own attorney Use your own Attorney In new construction, it has become common […]

Co-opetition makes real estate work

Co-opetition – in real estate we compete but mostly we cooperate. We compete for a listing. We compete to attract a Buyer. But once we have a client, whether a Seller or a Buyer, our business is based on cooperation. That’s why I call the core of our business successful co-opetition. When do we cooperate? […]

Exclusive Buyer Agents

Why work with an Exclusive Buyer Agent when you are looking at Active Adult communities? Why not just go visit the sales office on your own without representation? That’s a good question and here are some things to consider: The laws governing the practice of real estate are different in every state. In Delaware, Builders are […]