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Escaping from or Retiring to somewhere

The Magic Carpet Ride There are two kinds of people that relocate to another state when they retire – Escaping from __add your state____ (Maryland, New Jersey, New York) People that are escaping from high taxes or other negative aspects of where they currently live. They come to Delaware primarily to escape and may never […]

South South Jersey?

At one new home community I visited with clients from New Jersey, the Builder said “We call this community South South Jersey”. We all laughed but I think my clients felt more comfortable. If you only see the New Jersey Turnpike when you’re driving through the state, you don’t really know New Jersey, the Garden […]

Memorial Day at the Beach in Delaware

Here it is again – Memorial Day Weekend at the Beach in Delaware and the weather forecast is great! Want to know what’s going on this weekend? Read What’s New at the beaches and have a wonderful holiday weekend! Some of my favorites this weekend include the Grand Opening of the Historic Lewes Farmers Market, […]