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5 Tips for Finding the Best REALTOR®

Learn how to qualify the REALTOR® you plan to work with by following our five top tips. Why do so many companies want to help you find the best REALTOR? Do you think it’s because they have done some extensive research and surveyed Buyers and Sellers to find the very best? Or, do you think […]

Will your home Appraise?

I am not an Appraiser, but I just completed 99 hours of Broker training and we spent days studying the methods an Appraiser will use to verify the market value of your home.  In today’s market Buyers are buying the way Appraisers are appraising and very few are willing to pay more than appraised value […]

More Reasons 55+ need a Buyer Agent

Where do our buyers come from? In Coastal Delaware, so many of the new Buyers now come from outside Delaware and have limited local knowledge about our communities, builders or lifestyle. On top of that, quite a few Baby Boomers have been in their current home for 20 years or more, so it’s been a […]

Welcome to Heritage Shores!

This month we were happy to welcome Jack Flood and Linda Chick to Heritage Shores in Bridgeville, Delaware. Jack and Linda are avid “hand dancers” and look forward to starting a dance club at Heritage Shores. With the fabulous dance floor in the ballroom at the Heritage Club, I’m sure it will become a popular […]

Coastal Delaware is a HOT Market again

Many of you reading this still live in New York or New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, DC or even Connecticut or Maine. Your home is listed for sale so that you can move to Coastal Delaware. Right now we are working 24/7 and still having trouble keeping up. There are so many people looking to […]

Buyers in Coastal Delaware make real estate fun!

In between showing homes to prospective buyers and visiting with current clients, there is the time alone in the car. It’s my creative time to reflect on what I enjoy about this business of real estate. The other day, it hit me – Listings make Real Estate a business Buyers make Real Estate fun! When […]