Before Cape Henlopen State Park

Do you know the history of Cape Henlopen State Park? It’s one of my favorite places to walk or take a bike ride, so I WWII Outlook at Cape Henlopen State Parkdecided to brush up on my local history. Before it was Cape Henlopen State Park, this strategic location in Lewes, Delaware, was Fort Miles. A critical component of this country’s defense in World War II, Fort Miles protected Wilmington, Philadelphia and other key cities in the Mid-Atlantic region. I found this great video at the web site of the Fort Miles Historical Association that I wanted to share with you. The Association is making great progress toward their goal of restoring Battery 519 and creating a museum commemorating the historical significance of the park we now enjoy.

The video is a little long but it is worth watching and learning more about the history in our town of Lewes, Delaware.

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