Why I may not want to list your home for sale

Why not you ask? I’m a REALTOR and you want me to list your home. How could I possibly not jump at the chance?

Real Estate is my business

Business is a two way relationship. You should expect me to know the market and be able to counsel you on the process and what you can do to maximize your value.

I had a call recently and the woman said she wanted a sign in her yard that weekend. Woa, there is way more to listing a home for sale than putting a sign the yard, at least the way we handle a listing. “First,” I said, “I need to see your home and then we can talk about what needs to be done before the home is listed.”

Curb Appeal

mature-man-holding-his-headThis home is in a new community where new construction is still taking place. Although there is an initial landscape package, most residents have added to the foundation plants and trees. When it is time to sell in a competitive market, curb appeal is extremely important. When people drive by or pull up to the curb, their eyes either light up or disappointment sets in. Does the home need to be power-washed? Does the front door need to be painted or the trim repaired? If I am going to list your home, those items need to be addressed before the home is listed for sale.

If your landscaping needs attention and you don’t want to take care of it, I may not want to list your home.


This is a service we include for all of our listings at no additional cost. Before we can bring in our Stagers however, the first step is de-cluttering. We’ll talk about that at our first meeting and allow you plenty of time to decide what you will keep and what you may want to sell or give away. If you plan to keep it but it is not helping to showcase your home we will suggest that you pack it up and put it in storage. Next comes a thorough cleaning and you may want to call in a professional cleaning company. Then our Stagers come in and work with you to make your home show like a model. They will ask your permission to move furniture and artwork and I promise you will love the result.

Once your home is listed for sale it is no longer your home. You may still live there but it is now a model home looking for its next owner. If you are not on board with this, I may not want to list your home.


As much as we try, buyers will do the drive-by and call with a request to see your home at their convenience. We can request a 24 or 48 hour notice for showing appointments but it doesn’t matter. Buyers will still feel that if your home is for sale and they want to see it you should be willing to be flexible. We don’t encourage it but many a home has been sold because of a very flexible and accommodating Seller.

If you are not willing to get up in the morning and say to yourself “Today the buyer for my home might just appear and want to see it now,” I may not want to list your home.

There are always exceptions but I am trying to convey the spirit of partnership that is necessary to get your home sold in a reasonable period of time for a good price. Selling your home quickly and at market value is a business and it takes both of us to make it work. We are willing to do our part and more but we need you to do your part as well.

Next? Listing your home and price.

About Christine Davis

Christine grew up in northeastern PA and served in the United States Air Force for 8+ years. She worked in the civil engineering career field and traveled to various bases throughout the world. After leaving the Air Force, she moved to Rehoboth Beach and finished her degree in Business. She became a REALTOR in 2003 and aims to make the buying or selling process as smooth and fun as possible while educating clients. Christine now lives above their downtown Lewes office with her husband and fellow REALTOR, Bill Davis, and enjoys owning the brokerage and assisting the agents and meeting all the new clients moving to the area. Christine and Bill's philosophy is to be #bettereveryday. Life is short, make it count!

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