VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Help Count The Horseshoe Crabs

Come and Count the Horseshoe Crabs!

Volunteers are needed to assist in counting the Horseshoe Crab, a living fossil and Delaware’s ‘State Marine Animal’ as it spawns along the Cape Henlopen shore in Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes.

HSC countingSince 1990, surveys have been conducted of horseshoe crabs spawning on key beaches in Delaware and in New Jersey.

Surveys take place at night at high tide on the New and Full Moons in May and June during the Horseshoe Crabs Mating Ritual, where thousands of horseshoe crabs descend on the shoreline to spawn. http://www.beach-net.com/whats-here/horseshoe-crabs.php

The data collected during these surveys is key in monitoring changes in numbers of spawning crabs. This is a great way to experience Mother Nature’s natural spectacle on the Delaware Bay!

Full Moon Dates & Times:
Monday             May 12     7:50 pm
Wednesday       May14     9:18 pm
Friday                May 16    10:50 pm
Wednesday      June 11    8:07 pm
Friday               June 13    9:45 pm
Sunday             June 15    11:27 pm
New Moon Dates & Times:
Monday            May 26    8:02 pm
Wednesday      May 28    9:29 pm
Friday               May 30    10:49 pm
Wednesday     June 25    8:28 pm
Friday              June 27    9:48 pm
Sunday            June 29    11:02 pm

Where: Cape Henlopen State Park, Lewes. Meet at the Fishing Pier Pavilion 15 minutes prior to the census time. Surveys last approximately 1 – 1.25 hours.

Wear appropriate clothing for the weather and wet conditions along the water’s edge and waterproof boots, water shoes, or old sneakers-no flip-flops. Insect repellant may be needed.

To volunteer, contact Cape Henlopen Horseshoe Crab Census Coordinator, Rob Schroeder, at 302-645-7431, email rdschroe711@gmail.com, or call the Cape Henlopen State Park Nature Center at 302-645-6852.





Full Moon Dates & Times:

Monday         May 12           7:50 pm

Wednesday               May14            9:18 pm

Friday                         May 16           10:50 pm

Wednesday               June 11         8:07 pm

Friday            June 13         9:45 pm

Sunday                      June 15         11:27 pm


New Moon Dates & Times:

Monday                      May 26           8:02 pm

Wednesday               May 28           9:29 pm

Friday                         May 30           10:49 pm

Wednesday               June 25         8:28 pm

Friday                         June 27         9:48 pm

Sunday                      June 29         11:02 pm