Lewes, Delaware – Yahoo’s #10 Retirement City

lewes-CapeHenlopen0“Florida is so yesterday,” according to Tobias Carroll in an article published on Yahoo Travel titled, “Florida is so yesterday, Retirement Destinations Worth Exploring, the article goes on to say, “If you’re thinking of retirement, the options open are now far more expansive than the traditional choices of Florida and Arizona. Perhaps you’re looking for somewhere with a vibrant cultural scene; maybe proximity to a university that offers continuing education is more your speed. These 10 cities offer a variety of climates in settings ranging from rural to urban.”

Florida may be “Yesterday,” but at #10, Lewes, Delaware is SO Today!

On Lewes, Delaware, Carroll says, “The town of Lewes, Delaware is quieter than its neighbor to the south, Rehoboth Beach. But there are plenty of waterfront activities to enjoy here; ferries run to and from Cape May, New Jersey, as well. And cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Wilmington can be reached within a few hours by car.”

Did you know, an AARP survey showed that people over 45 prefer to live near family, and within reach of basic services. Delaware has low property taxes, the Delaware Beaches, no sales tax, but most of all, Delaware is only a 4 hour drive to 80% of the US population! Delaware also tops the 10 most tax friendly states! Delaware’s no “small wonder… read more FAQ’s on DE Taxes and at Yahoo Finance.

Yahoo’s Travel’s Top 10 Retirement Cities are:

10: Lewes, Delaware
9: Birmingham, Alabama
8: Poughkeepsie, New York
7: Portland, Maine
6: Berks County, Pennsylvania
5: Corpus Christi, Texas
4: Eureka, California
3: Kansas City, Missouri
2: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
1: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Click here to read the entire article and to read what Tobias had to say about the other cities on the list.

If you are a Boomer now living in Virginia, Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, or anywhere else in the United States, do yourself a favor and look at Delaware before you commit to a retirement destination. Read more.

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