Sussex, Delaware’s Fastest-growing County

With a population growth rate of nearly 7 percent since 2010, Sussex is Delaware’s Fastest-growing County, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures.

thumbs upsays Jeremy Cox, in a Post on DelmarvaOnline. “As of last year, Sussex’s population stood at an estimated 210,849, up from 197,145 in 2010, the Census reported. Miniscule taxes, close to the beach, less traffic, a better economic climate and a chance to start living where they plan to retire,” are several of the reasons Boomers are moving to Delaware during its “transformation from a sleepy farming and retirement community to a sprawling resort.”

“When I first discovered Sussex County I was still living in the DC Metropolitan Area. While working in the Technology Industry, the Delaware Beaches were my escape. In my 50s, my getaway became home and I never looked back.” Kathy Sperl-Bell

“Sussex County rose almost exclusively by net migration,” said Ed Ratledge, a University of Delaware demographer.

“Of all the newcomers, an average of 19 out of 20 moved to the county from elsewhere in the United States or beyond.

In a reflection of the county’s aging population, the birth rate just barely outpaced the death rate, generating a net increase of 346 people over the span.”

The overall 6.95 percent growth rate, however, represented a slowdown compared with the previous five years. From 2006-2010, Sussex grew at a 9.35 percent clip. Ratledge’s explanation: When the housing bubble burst nationally, homeowners found it difficult to sell and move anywhere, let alone the First State. The number of people streaming into Sussex slipped from about 4,500 annually to 3,200.

“The housing market still has a long way to go. The number of second-home buyers is still down. But, Ratledge added, coastal Sussex, in particular, is “still very, very attractive for retirees.”

Growth by Percentage

Percentage of population growth from 2010 to 2014. — Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Sussex, DE: 6.95 percent
Wicomico, MD: 2.84 percent
Worcester, MD: 0.16 percent
Accomack, MD: -0.43 percent
Northampton, MD: -2.16 percent
Somerset, MD: -2.31 percent

Population by Numbers

County populations, first in 2010, then in 2014. — Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Sussex, DE: 197,145 — 210,849
Wicomico, MD: 98,733 —101,539
Worcester, MD: 51,454 — 51,675
Accomack, MD: 33,164 — 33,021
Northampton, MD: 12,389 — 12,121
Somerset, MD: 26,470 — 25,859

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