2016 Chili Cook-off Results

It’s was a hot time at Active Adults Realty’s Open House & 2016 Chili Cook-Off on Dec 14. The chili cooks provided plenty of the spicy stuff for the guests to taste, savor and vote for a favorite.

A bowl of beans decided the winner. It was that easy.

Wendy's crew adj-webMany thanks to the chefs’ for sharing the recipes including Carol Fezuk’s Pulled Pork Chile Verde, Elliot & Sue Welan’s Beef Chili, Bob Greason’s Non-Greasy Turkey Chili, Marie LaDuca’s Spicy Vegetarian, Jeannie Mack’s Chipotle Sausage Chili, John & Donna Beck’s Beef Chili, Bill Bell’s Beef with Beans and Kathy Sperl-Bell’s version of the Mushroom Lady’s Portabella Chili.

After all was said and done, the bean counters found that Beck’s Beef Chili recipe, not only was a favorite in California Chili Cook-offs, but it took the prize in Delaware as well!

Now, the rest of the story… in the California Chili Cook-offs of the Becks’ past, Wendy’s Chili won out in these cook-offs time after time. Knowing this going into this cook-off, the Becks decided, “Why mess with a sure thing and a winning chili recipe?” So they loaded up their crockpot and drove to Wendy’s on Route One in Rehoboth Beach and said, “Fill this crockpot up with your chili.” The Becks arrived cradling their crockpot adding it to the tasting table.

History repeats itself. After receiving this year’s 2016 Chili Cook-off Winning Certificate, John & Donna took the certificate to the local Wendy’s store and gave it to the staff. “They earned it,” and a great time was had by all!

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