Who is an Active Adult?

Active coupleIs a Baby Boomer synonymous with an Active Adult? Good question!

Someone joked with me the other day calling Active Adults Realty, “that brokerage that only works with old people.” Really? Active Adults Realty is a brokerage by and for Baby Boomers who are now in the prime of their lives, not Senior Citizens – at least not yet.

This is the time to focus on “you” for a change. We work with people making decisions about where and how they want to live, what they want to spend their time doing, now that they have the time – ACTIVE ADULTS.

OK, so who is an Active Adult?Pickleball-cropped

  • You might be an Active Adult if you are over 50 and you still play tennis.
  • If you switched to Pickle Ball, you are definitely an active adult.
  • Are you in a softball league or a mixed age basketball team? – An active adult.
  • Do you swim, do yoga, pilates or barre? You are active.
  • Dance, play bridge or pool? Sounds active to me
  • Walk your dog on the beach each morning? Very active.

Are all Baby Boomers active adults?  Not all, but all of these new planned communities for Boomers/the 55 plus are called Active Adult Communities, not Boomertowns, but I kind of like that name.

Seriously, why did I call this real estate company “Active Adults Realty?” Primarily because that is how we are referred to by the builders, developers and those writing about us and our plans for the future. Today, 60 is the new 40 and we do not consider ourselves to be seniors. Notice they are not building communities for Senior Citizens. They were yesterday’s retirees. As the sign says, this brokerage is for you – Active Adults relocating to Delaware!