Meet Pat & Diana Brady – our Featured Boomers

From Yonkers, New York to Lewes, Delaware – Meet Pat and Diana Brady

Meet featured boomers in Lewes Delaware, Pat and Diana Brady

The Bradys retired to Lewes from Yonkers, NY. When I heard that, I knew we would have a fun conversation and when we met, the time flew by. What I love about being in real estate in Delaware at this time is all the coincidences and ways our paths have crossed or almost crossed.

Married for 35 years, the Bradys met on a bus from Yonkers into New York City. In New York, people use the bus to get to work, to school and to get around. They lived in the same neighborhood but had never met until Pat introduced himself on the bus that fateful day. They began dating, but then Pat moved to Houston to attend the University. Diana visited, then stayed and they were married.

So here is one of those coincidences – Pat & Diana lived in Houston from 1984 – 1986; I lived in Houston from 1983 – 1986. We talked about some of the things we liked and the things, like the HEAT, that we did not care for. Small world.

In 1986 they moved back to NY where Pat worked in the construction trades as a carpenter. From 1994 until he retired recently, Pat was a NY Firefighter.
Pat commented that people think all of NY is like NYC. Not true, places like Yonkers are just small towns like Lewes, but bigger. It’s all about the neighbors and the familiar places you like to go.

Diana was also born and bred in New York, one of 14 kids, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. After high school, she attended “the” beauty school in NYC, the Wilfred Academy of Beauty.

How did they decide on Delaware? Diana’s sister had rented a beach house in Delaware for years. She suggested they check it out while they were seriously considering a move to Florida. While Florida had strong appeal, Delaware won out due to location. With 3 children and 3 grandchildren, ages 4, 6 and 11, so far, they chose proximity to family and Diana really does prefer the four seasons.

When they decided to check out Delaware, we paired them with Bob Greason, one of our agents who is also originally from New York. It was a great match and Bob showed them options in different areas of Coastal Delaware. In the end, they settled on a lovely townhome in Coastal Club, one of the fastest selling communities in all of Delaware. The amenities and full schedule of activities synched the deal. Its location so near Lewes and the Cape May Lewes Ferry makes travel to and from family still in Yonkers very convenient. All the amenities in Coastal Club and in the nearby beach towns, keeps them very active. They bought in 2017 but just moved here permanently in January 2019.

Their grandchildren come to visit often and love spending time in Delaware. The 6-year old tells Diana, “I can breathe here”! I think it has as more to do with their grandparents, but what a bonus they also enjoy Delaware.

What are a few of their favorite restaurants here? They both mentioned Touch of Italy and Crust n Craft. Those are high compliments coming from New Yorkers! When I heard about Diana’s Spanish cooking, in particular, her rice and beans and Penil (Puerto Rican Port Roast), my mouth began to water.

What’s on their Retirement Bucket List, other than spending more time with the kids? Balancing their travel plans to include Pat’s desire to learn and explore places like Turkey and Croatia, and Diana’s preference for seeing pretty places. Their next trip is already scheduled and they’re going to Aruba. I think they will both love it.