Re-opening Delaware: The Facts

Read some local viewpoints and impacts related to re-opening the state of Delaware and nearby states plus how these re-opening plans affects real estate transactions.

Reopening Delaware - The facts

Whether you live in Delaware or are among the many living in our neighboring states, we believe you will agree it’s refreshing to see the Governors of the nearby states working together on plans for re-opening the economy. As New York Governor Cuomo said during his Sunday update, and I paraphrase, “Shutting down was easy; re-opening is going to be difficult.” On the Sunday, May 3rd, broadcast, Cuomo was joined by Delaware Governor Carney as well as the Governors of Rhode Island and Connecticut. To quote one news report:

“Today we are launching a regional buying consortium with seven states to jointly procure PPE, tests, ventilators, and other medical equipment to increase market power and bring prices down,” Gov. Cuomo announced.
The northeast states – New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania – will be sharing resources for medical equipment and will be using reliable vendors with whom to do business for the PPE.”

You can learn more about Delaware’s specific phased-approach to re-opening the state and our local economy here.
Also featured in Delaware Business Times today –

From Our Local Viewpoint

I participated in the first Town Hall, along with over 300 other small business owners in Eastern Sussex County. At this Town Hall we had the opportunity to share the impact this COVID-19 pandemic has had on our businesses plus make suggestions about how to approach re-opening.
Here at Active Adults Realty, the challenge is a little different than for the local restaurants or retail shops. Our team of agents and brokers are still very busy with settlements of contracts which were entered into before the shutdown. For our clients who purchased new construction, many of these deals went to contract last year.

Locally we see a limited inventory of homes for sale. The best listings are still selling quickly—many in 1-3 days. If you are house hunting, we urge you to begin your search now or to continue your search to be ready when the gate opens.

With our technology, we have many virtual tools to help you get ahead of the market. We do can virtual tours, video walks around a neighborhood, and so many other things. While we agree house hunting during this time will feel different, there are many things which we can offer to help you get a feel for your future home. If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, let’s do it. Buyers are looking and those needing to move or relocate still have needs to be met.

Join us in some conversation around your home buying or selling needs. We’re happy to answer questions and we are here to help you any way we can.