How To Stay COVID-Safe While Moving

When it’s time to move during a pandemic can you still call in movers? Family and friends? All the answers are found here. 

how to stay covid-safe while moving

Concerned about how to stay COVID-safe when you move? How will this work as you prepare to move from your current home into your new home while the country navigates through a pandemic? Moving companies have been deemed as essential businesses across most states. People continue to need to move for employment, for retirement, for education, and for various other reasons. 

Due to the social distancing restrictions it’s wisest to hire professional movers rather than call on family and friends with plans of sharing a meal or snack afterwards. Our times of gathering together with those outside of your immediate household to pack, help load trucks, and then carry furniture and boxes in your new place have been temporarily placed on hold. 

There are sure to be many questions about what can and can’t be done as it used to be. Here’s what we know:

  • Yes, you can continue to make your plans to move into your new home or relocate to a different state.
  • Yes, it will be necessary to prepare and take extra stay-healthy precautions. 
  • Yes, it’s vital to continue practicing social distancing during each step of the move.

Planning Your Move

Use this checklist to ensure nothing has been overlooked.

  1. Reach out to movers in advance to get on their moving schedule. The major moving companies continue to serve customers but as you can guess there are some increased demands which can translate to some delays in getting on their schedule. 
  2. Numerous professional moving companies are able to provide virtual estimates. Take advantage of this service to reduce the number of people, from outside your immediate household, who enter your home.
  3. Provide access to a sink, soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer to the moving crew. The crew will be observing frequent hand washing as they follow all CDC health guidelines during the move.
  4. Avoid using recycled boxes from stores or friends. While much we are learning about COVID-19 maintains this is a virus spread person-to-person it’s wise to lessen the things you must touch from outside of your own home. If you happened to have boxes that have been in your own home for sometime, these should be fine. Don’t forget many of the home improvement stores and the moving company should have supplies of boxes for purchase. 
  5. Using the mover’s plastic bins for packing is another option. Wipe down the bins with a disinfecting wipe before placing your items inside. 
  6. Before unpacking in your new home, do a deep clean to remove any germs left behind by the previous owners.  

Social distancing and sanitization requirements should be observed during each step of preparing for the move and during each process of the actual move. 

DISCLAIMER: Always observe the most recent guidelines outlined by the CDC health professionals and local mandates. It’s been accepted that the Coronavirus spreads by person-to-person contact. This content reflects the current state of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic as of August 2020. 

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