Real Estate High Anxiety

“You’re in real estate, so you must be loving this market!” said a friend the other day. As if limited housing inventory and any home for sale seeming to fly off the market is fun. It’s not. “Real estate high anxiety” can overshadow the hot market.

Normal Circumstances

In a normal market, we enjoy working with buyers looking to find a new home in Delaware. We know all the neighborhoods and new home communities, and we love helping them select the right one for their lifestyle.

Current Circumstances

Today that is complicated by the lack of homes for sale, and the inability of the builders to keep up with demand. So, when we discover the right location and the right neighborhood, the problem is there may be no homes available. Therefore, planning is critical to being ready when an opportunity presents itself.

This crazy market can add a level of stress to both the buyers and sellers trying to navigate multiple offers, acceleration clauses, and the disappointment of missing out time and time again.

So, as the buyer, should you make an offer with no home inspection contingency? If you’re getting a small mortgage, should you waive the appraisal? What are the risks?

Or, as the seller, is a cash offer always better than a pre-approved mortgage from a reliable local lender? How should we price a home for sale when prices are going up monthly? If it doesn’t sell in the first week, did we overprice? Or, perhaps we are underpriced if it sold on day one.

The Bottom Line

It’s stressful for us, your REALTOR® as well, but it’s our job to help you avoid “real estate high anxiety”. 

Contact Active Adults Realty® today. One of our REALTOR®s will help you navigate the crazy real estate market.