Baby Boomers face Unique Concerns

Boomers have unique concerns, including aging parents

Just when you reach a level of comfort with time to enjoy and plan for your retirement, you might face some challenges and concerns. These concerns may include challenges that your parents are facing.

Don’t worry – you’re not alone. We, too, have aging parents. Since 2005, Active Adults Realty has specialized in working with Baby Boomers who are making big decisions as they retire, relocate, and buy or sell homes. Through it all, we have learned a lot about the family issues many Boomers face. The number one concern facing Boomers is what to do with aging parents.

Founder of Active Adults Realty recognized these unique needs and concerns years ago

Here at Active Adults Realty, we recognized the special needs of boomers years ago. Kathy Sperl-Bell, founder of Active Adults Realty, was mentioned in both a 2005 New York Times article and a 2006 TIME Magazine article for having her Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation.

Kathy built her real estate practice around this specialty and subsequently founded Active Adults Realty. Now all agents at Active Adults Realty earn the Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation (SRES).

What are the benefits of using a SRES?

This article on takes a deeper look at the benefits of using a SRES.

A Seniors Real Estate Specialist (or SRES) is specifically trained for the challenges and situations that clients age fifty and over face, including cultivating a network of related senior specialists in fields such as estate planning and tax counseling so that the SRES can provide a truly outstanding client experience.

Agents who gain the SRES designation have to complete a set of training courses on senior real estate challenges and needs. SRES agents are trained in no-pressure approaches to senior real estate needs, including suggesting housing alternatives to buying a new home or ways that a senior may be able to age in place instead of downsizing or making other moves. SRES professionals are also trained to identify senior resources in communities to help people find the best community fit, should they decide that moving is the right option for them.

– Quoted from: “3 Benefits of a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES)” on

Other challenges that Boomers encounter

Headlines about the unique challenges that Boomers face are are popping up everywhere. For example  – “When Adult Children Make Your Job Harder” is the title of an article in The SRES Professional newsletter. It explains the magnitude of the job many adult children face dealing with aging parents that may not be able to live on their own.

This article continues, “Many adult children are caught in a tug-of-war between two generations – their parents and their kids – with family members on both sides demanding time and attention. Sometimes called the “sandwich generation,” these caught-in-the-middle adults may feel like they’re in a no-win situation.”

This is such a relevant concern that in 2009 we published an article based on our clients’ experiences with the “sandwich generation” challenges.

In July of 2019, we published another article that again focused on the dual challenges of retiring and relocating while dealing with aging parents. Even without relocating, the task is daunting, but with help from the right specialists, it can make your life a little easier.

The Bottom Line? We’re Here to Listen and Help

One thing we have learned is to listen and to help everyone involved understand their role. If we are helping to sell the parents’ home, they are the client, but adult children can provide valuable assistance.

For more information, search our blog for keywords like “aging parents,” and then contact us if we can be of assistance.