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Building Code, Quality of Construction, and the Home Inspection – Part 2

This 4-part series will help buyers set and maintain realistic expectations about the home they are purchasing.  Part 2 will cover questions about building code. Building Code, Quality of Construction & Home Inspection – Part 2 Part 2. Does That Meet the Building Code? This question often arises during an inspection. The answer depends on when the home […]

LOCALS NOW SPOTLIGHT: Lewes Blooms with Spring Attractions

If you’ve bought a home in or near downtown Lewes, you’re probably aware of certain experiences the locals cherish during the cold winter months. Enjoying a steaming bowl of Kindle’s mussels and leeks in a buttery chardonnay sauce on a cold night, for example ( Or finding the perfect birthday gift from Kid’s Ketch for […]

Buying New Construction in 2021

Today, if you want to buy new construction, you need a REALTOR even more  If you build it, they will come. The builders did, and people came, but the builders are having trouble keeping up with demand. What does that mean for you as a buyer, especially one from out of the area?  We know all the builders and all the […]