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Day 5 at The Peninsula

Well, the muggies have returned so I began the day in the Fitness Center. This is no ordinary gym and the equipment is better than any I have used elsewhere. I forgot to note the brand, but I’ll take a look on my next visit.   So, I began on the Elliptical Machine, watching CNBC […]

Day 3 at The Peninsula

The Peninsula is surrounded by wetlands and nature trails. To begin the day I walked the nature trails down toward the Fishing Pier. What a way to begin the week by taking in the sights along the Indian River Bay. The address is Millsboro, but the location is paradise!         See the […]

Day 1 at The Peninsula

This the 1st day of our stay with friends at The Peninsula on the Indian River Bay. The views are spectacular and it’s a perfect cool summer morning for a walk. More photos later with my better camera and I’ll document what a spectacular community this is the best way possible – in pictures!

The Housing Boom

The Housing Market has been the hot topic for the past two years. Sometimes it seems like the only thing the national news media ever talks about. Where will the next Housing Boom come from? That depends — all real estate is local and the local market I’m talking about today is Coastal Delaware. We […]